Allah 99 Names

Al Awwal – The First – 99 Names of Allah

Everyone likes to be called with their names; it is our identity and our names are very dear to us. We all acknowledge the existence and supremacy of Allah – The All Powerful. Allah has taught us different names through which we can pass our supplications to Him and remember Him throughout the day. His name Al Awwal tells us that He is The First of all His creations and creatures.

Children asking about The First

Children have inquisitive minds and strange thoughts run in their little heads. They think of things from a different angle and tend to get easily confused if they don’t get the satisfactory answers. Someday, your little one might start wondering if you are his or her parents, and grandparents are your parents. Similarly everyone has someone or somewhere they came from, then where it all began? There must be some starting point to this whole chain.

Who Is Al Awwal?

You can sit down with your kid and properly explain them that Allah has a beautiful name ‘Al – Awwal’ which means “The First”. Allah is what existed before anything and everything. He created everything and established this whole chain. He not only created humans but also He is the first and foremost before everything else in the universe.

Other Names of Al Awwal

In this way, you can develop a strong understanding in your child about the concepts related to what Allah created. You can also purchase digital frame that contains the Names of Allah. It will serve as a constant reminder for you and your child. This easy-to-use object will help your child understand and remember these names in Arabic and English.
First your child needs to understands that Allah existed before anything else and he or she should grasp this concept. Then he or she will begin to wonder about other things like who will remain in the end? Also, try to build a relationship between your child and Allah. Encourage him or her to learn and understand other 99 names of Allah as well. As it is stated in the Holy Book:
“Allah – there is no deity except Him. To Him belong the best names.”
Surat Taha 20:8

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