Allah 99 Names

Al Akram – The Most Generous – 99 Names of Allah

The 99 names of Allah are miraculous. The people who are in habit of reciting them regularly, benefit from them. These beautiful 99 names of Allah another beautiful name being Al Akram which means ‘the most generous’ is yet another name of Allah Almighty.

Al Akram – The Most Bountiful

Al Akram is a characteristic name of Allah that points to the generosity of the Almighty. He is the One and the One who controls everything. He showers His blessings on whom He wills and with no bounds. His bounties are immeasurable.
Allah bestows His kindness on whom He wills and reminds us of His presence. He gives everyone what He wills and is never unfair to His creatures. One does not have to ask always and yet gets all he or she needs for his or her survival.

Benevolence of the Almighty

Allah Almighty is the most benevolent. He bestows His blessings on what He wills. In return, all He wants is obedience from His creatures. He is our sustainer and provides us with all that we need; we should be grateful and submissive to Him.
In Surah Infitar, He says:

“Oh Man! What lures you away
from your bountiful Sustainer?”
[82 : 6]

He is gracious and holds the greatness of power and His glory of status is matchless. Allah gives to all the beings. He has blessed His pious servants. Almighty Allah always shows His kindness and generosity towards us by giving to us. We do not have to ask for each and everything that we want or need; yet He gives us all that is good for us and is beneficial. He always giving to whom He wills of His creation.
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