image_6Quran Reading with Tajweed Course

In this course we sail in the rich sea of Tajweed rules and structures, learning the exact articulation points of each spoken letter in the Arabic language and practice them within the context of the Quranic verses, working together to bring out the best intonations for each student, while taking in consideration the uniqueness of each individual voice. This course is designed to fit all ages in sha Allah. Learn More

image_5Quran Memorization Course

Without a doubt, the highest and noblest types of seeking knowledge in Islam is to memorize the Quran word for word, if we are to look at our previous scholars and predecessors, we find that the first thing they attend to is memorizing the Quran, which they accomplish during the first years of their life, because it is the basis of knowledge and its main pillar. Coming Soon Insha Allaah.

image_4Quran Reading (Noorani Qaida course)

In this course, students will be able to accurately recognize basic alphabets of Arabic, as well as the proper pronunciation and articulation points of the Quranic letters, including the various expressions and vowels, as well as the essential Tajweed rules in sha Allah. Coming Soon Insha Allaah.


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