Our Vision Our Mission

Dkir and its team are in constant efforts to passionately promote Islamic knowledge in the most positive and true light.

Our vision is to make the Islamic population all over the world highly educated in Islamic literature. Spreading the right information about Quran and Sunnah in a positive light to Muslims globally. It is the mission we have set.

We believe that each individual is different, and we strive to understand the different learning styles of our students to make learning easier for them. We provide an encouraging environment in which students are motivated to read Quran and related Islamic literature.

At the Dkir Quran and Sunnah School and Learning Center we are here  to provide Muslims, adults and kids across the world and those who live in areas of the world where there are possibly not enough Quran teachers or institutes to learn from. We have a platform where they can easily learn Quran online through our online Quran lessons and online Quran classes. It will help Muslims on how to read the Quran with tajweed rules. These complete courses and services are designed to help Muslims grow and better understand their religion. We would like to help in many ways, from learning how to study, implement Quran and Sunnah and to memorize, and understand the Quran. We also will be providing classes on learning the Arabic language online so people can understand what Allah is saying in the Quran and understanding hadiths. We also be providing other services and products to make the Muslim grow into a better Muslim Insha Allah The Creator Willing.

We also can do Online Quran classes that people can schedule themselves in ways that are most convenient to them. We have many ways to teach these days either through Zoom, whatsapp or other applications.

Our mission is to convey beneficial knowledge, and providing it in a caring and safe way. Also to develop a strong character following our last and final prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessing of Allaah be upon him).
We are making it our mission to help people understand Quran and Sunnah and other knowledge that could help them in their life, by providing methods to help people improve and grow in these areas and other areas as well.

Our goals:

1. Our main goal is to provide Muslims with a quality education while instilling in them the Quran and Sunnah and  Islamic morals and principles. At Dkir Quran and Sunnah School and Learning Center we strive to help you improve and  become a better individual for the sake of Allaah. As we should try to do our best each day for Allah (Glorified is He the Most High) so that He is pleased with us.

2. We cultivate a willingness to share time, talent, and skills in response to the needs of families,  Muslims and communities.

3.Dkir seeks to create challenging learning environments that encourages others to strive for success. Our school promotes safety, organization, planning, caring, and supportive environment.