The Rules of Stopping (Waqf) Definition ‘To stop on the last letter of a complete word, which is disconnected from the word after it, and giving the last letter a sukoon and by breaking the breath, then taking a new breath to read the next word.’ (Jami-ul-waqaf) The proper way to […]

Lesson 17 Vowelled with fathah

Vowelled with fathah Now let’s join letters. Please note : the sukoon sign can take two forms : Note : the letters with asterix (*) produce a bouncing sound. For a more detailed tajweed explanation, click here. Note : the letters with asterix (*) produce a bouncing sound. Click here for the ‘Qalqalah’ lesson * * * * […]

The letter RA

The Rules of the letter ر (‘RA’) There are 2 categories as the letter can either be:ht Tafkheem (rough / thick) ﺗَﻔْﺨِﻴْﻢ Tarqeeq (soft / thin) ﺗَﺮْﻗِﻴْﻖ Tafkheem To produce this sound the back of the tongue rises in the mouth. This elevation of the tongue produces a thick or heavy sound. There are 5 categories […]

the letter meem

      The Rules of Meem Saakina     The rules of are called shafawee ( ﺷَﻔﻮي ) as the makhraj of the is the lips (shafatain = pair of lips)   Idghaam Shafawee Presence of a  followed by another  The first one carries a and the second carries a vowel Hence, a  will be created and shown on the second  Resulting […]

The Letter Laam

The Letter ل (‘Laam’) Like the letter ‘ra’, the letter ‘laam’ can also be pronounced as a thick / full mouth (tafkheem) or thin (tarqeeq) letter. Tafkheem To produce this sound, the tongue elevates in the mouth producing a thick/ heavy sound. 2 categories: The in the pronunciation of the name ‘Allah’ ﷲ , when it is […]