answers definite article

Answers for The Definite Article The occurrences of The Definite Article are underlined (in red for lunar letters and green for sun letters) in the following table. Click on the ‘Surah:Verse’ number to hear audio   Verse Surah : Verse 1:1 – 1:7  

Lesson 2 Alphabet forms

  MERGED ISOLATED   Final Middle Initial ـأ  ـأ أ أ   ﺐ ـبـ بـ ب   ﺖ ـتـ تـ ت   ـث ـثـ ﺛ ث   ـج ـجـ جـ ج   ـح ـحـ حـ ح   ـخ ـخـ خـ خ   ـد ـد د د   ـذ ـذ ذ ذ   ـر ـر ر […]

Lesson 1 Alphabet

LESSON 1 Alphabet The letters of the Arabic alphabet.   ج ث ت ب ا ﺟِﻴﻢ ﺛَﺎ ﺗَﺎ ﺑَﺎ اَﻟِﻒْ ر ذ د خ ح رَا ذَالْ دَالْ ﺧَﺎ ﺣَﺎ ض ص ش س ز ﺿَﺎدْ ﺻَﺎدْ ﺷِﻴْﻦْ ْسِيْن زَا ف غ ع ظ ط ﻓَﺎ ْغَيْن ﻋَﻴْﻦْ ﻇَﺎ ﻃَﺎ ن م ل ك  ق […]