Lesson 39 Madd with waw

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Madd with Waw

Let’s produce an “oo” sound (4 counts) : letter followed by madd waw and vowelled with a dhammah

For a more detailed tajweed explanation, click here.

ﻋُﻮٓاْ ﻫُﻮٓاْ دُوٓاْ ﻣُوٓاْ
ﺟُﻮٓاْ ﺻُﻮٓاْ ﺗُﻮٓاْ زُوٓاْ
ﺳُﻮٓاْ ﻓُﻮٓاْ ءُوٓاْ وُوٓاْ
ﺑُﻮٓاْ رُوٓاْ ﺣُﻮٓاْ ﺷُﻮٓاْ ﻳُﻮٓاْ
ﻗُﻮٓاْ ﺿُﻮٓاْ ذُوٓاْ ﻏُﻮٓاْ
ﺧُﻮٓاْ ﺛُﻮٓاْ
Lesson Practise Exercise (i)


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