Our Mission Our Vision

Dkir and its team are in constant efforts to ardently promote Islamic knowledge in the most positive and true light.
Our vision is to make the Islamic population all over the world highly educated in Islamic literature. Spreading the right information about Quran in a positive light to Muslims globally is the mission we have set our eyes on.

We believe that each individual is different; in keeping with this belief, we strive to understand the different learning styles of our students to make learning easier for them. We provide an encouraging environment in which students are motivated to read Quran and related Islamics literature.

Our mission is to transmit knowledge, provide a safe upbringing away from negative influences, and to develop a strong character through the values of Islam.
Our goals:
1. Our main goal is to provide young Muslims with a quality education while instilling in them Islamic morals and principles. At Dkir Academy Islamic morals and values comes first before anything else.
2. We cultivate a willingness to share time, talent, and skills in response to the needs of family, school, Muslim and local communities.
3.Dkir Academy seeks to create challenging learning environment that encourages high expectations for success. Our school promotes safe, orderly, caring, and supportive environment.