Al Akram – The Most Generous – 99 Names of Allah

Al Akram The Most Generous

The 99 names of Allah are miraculous. The people who are in habit of reciting them regularly, benefit from them. These beautiful 99 names of Allah another beautiful name being Al Akram which means ‘the most generous’ is yet another name of Allah Almighty.

Al Akram – The Most Bountiful

Al Akram is a characteristic name of Allah that points to the generosity of the Almighty. He is the One, who gives His controls everything. He showers His blessings on whom He wills and with no bounds. His bounties are immeasurable.

Allah bestows His kindness on whom He wills and reminds us of His presence. He gives everyone what He wills and is never unfair to His creatures. One does not have to ask always and yet gets all he or she needs for his or her survival.

Benevolence of the Almighty

Allah Almighty is the most benevolent. He bestows His blessings on what He wills. In return, all He wants is obedience from His creatures. He is our sustainer and provides us with all that we need; we should be grateful and submissive to Him.

In Surah Infitar, He says:

“Oh Man! What lures you away
from your bountiful Sustainer?”
[82 : 6]

He is gracious and holds the greatness of power and His glory of status is matchless. Allah gives to all the beings. He has blessed His pious servants. Almighty Allah always shows His kindness and generosity towards us by giving to us. We do not have to ask for each and everything that we want or need; yet he gives us all that is good for us and is beneficial. He always giving to whom He wills of His creation.

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Al Ahad – The One – 99 Names of Allah

Al Ahad The One

As we are Muslims, we believe that reciting and repeating the 99 names of Almighty Allah is very beneficial for us. It helps one to increase their faith in Allah who is Al Ahad. Having firm belief in The One and Only will clear uncertainties and doubts from our hearts.

Al Ahad – The One

He is, and has always been One, without anyone else with Him. Allah is unique and there is no one like Him. He is unique in His attributes, He is the only One who deserves to be worshiped all Alone. Almighty Allah has created this whole universe on His own without anyone’s help. Also, He has no partner and nor does He depend on anyone else.

He is the one who is incomparable. Al Ahad is refer to the Only One. Allah Almighty has himself declared in the magnificent Holy Quran that there is no divine entity except Him. Allah Almighty has mentioned in Surah Ar-Ra’d:

“He is the One, the supreme and irresistible”

Essence of Islam – Oneness of Allah

In Surah Al-Ikhlaas it is stated:

“Say, ‘He is Allah, the One and Only.’”

This Surah is referred as one-third of Quran, and the reason being that almost one third of Quran deals with the of oneness of Allah. The uniqueness of Allah has been repeated throughout the Holy Quran, over and over again. Allah states in His Holy Book that He can forgive all the sins except holding someone as His partner or equal to Him.
Reciting the Holy Names of Allah soothes our souls.

Our website is an amazing source to learn more about the beautiful 99 Names of Allah. It provides the reader with the meaning of each name and its description.

Al A’laa – The Most High– 99 Names of Allah

Al A'laa The Most High

Reciting the 99 names of Allah is great a way to start our day successfully.. We all can easily take out a bit of time from our daily businesses and make everyday a blissful day. We should remember The Most High, Al A’laa with all the concentration of our heart.

Al A’laa – The Most High

Al A’laa is one of the 99 beautiful names of Allah. Al A’laa means the most high, the exalted; the one who is clear from the attributes of the creatures.
This beautiful name is used in the glorious Quran several times as “Exalted, truly great” and “Exalted, tremendous”.
The 87th Surah starts with the verse:

“Glorify the name of your Lord, Al A’laa”
[ Surah Al A’laa, 87:1]

Human beings often have many things that are unknown to others. People are either unable to see them or cannot comprehend them. In Surah Al Alaa Allah reminds us that He is the one who knows about each and everything. He knows all the secrets and all that is yet to be revealed. By reciting this beautiful and truly amazing Surah we can learn about the meaning of the glorious name: Al A’laa. It is the most recited Surah in Jummah prayers as well as Witr prayers.

Absolute Supremacy of Al A’laa

Allah Almighty has absolute power in every concept above all. Only He is the one who holds the absolute majestic position. Only He has the absolute domination in this universe. His authority is supreme and nobody or nothing can reach even close to it. He shares it with no one and His attributes are comparable to none.
Almighty Allah is the most high in His creation and everything and everyone is under His complete authority and control.
Reciting Al A’laa keeps one conscious of the fact that there is a Master controlling this whole universe; the One that keeps all things going and everything that happens. Everything happens by His will and commands. Our website is an informative platform to explore about the grandeur of the magnificent 99 names of Allah. Explore the world of peace and tranquility with these superb names of Allah Almighty and enjoy your life.

Ar Rabb – The Lord – 99 Names of Allah

Ar Rabb The Lord

Knowing Ar Rabb

It is a human nature that with the passage of time he/she develops perception about things and people around them. When a baby is born, he/she starts to see and observe things. And with the passage of time, he/she come to know that the parents love their children more than anything. So they start asking their parents for anything they need. As the time passes, more relations like friends and cousins are recognized by them. But above all, we need to know Ar Rabb, our Lord. It has been clearly told in 99 names of Allah, that Allah is our lord, Ar Rabb.

Allah is Ar Rabb

All the 99 names of Allah show that there is no ultimate power but Allah. No supreme power of the world can be declared The Ultimate Lord but only Allah. Allah truly deserves to be called The Lord because He is the Lord of this world and all worlds beyond our earth. He solely owns the Heaven and beyond, skies and everything beyond them, our planet and everything beyond it. He owns whatever He created.

Ar Rabb Is The True Lord

Our Lord is the closest to us. He not only created us but also provided all the necessities for our living. We should be grateful to Him for all His blessings, and remember Him all the time through 99 names of Allah.

On the authority of ‘Amr Ibn ‘Abasah (may Allaah be pleased with him), the Prophet (may Allaah raise his rank and grant him peace) said:

“The time when ar-Rabb is closest to the servant is deep in the last part of the night. So if you are able to be amongst those who remember Allaah at that time, then do so.”
Saheeh Sunan at-Tirmithee (3579)

Praise Your Lord

The blog of 99 names of Allah will be very helpful in developing a deep understanding of all the names of Allah. We should develop a habit of recalling 99 names of Allah on daily basis.

Al Kareem – The Generous One – 99 Names of Allah

Al Kareem The Generous One

Generosity of Al Kareem

We all have set some aims in life. We always find ourselves wanting to achieve something in our lives. After the achievement of one thing we wish for another. This world is full of attractions, which keep us indulging in them. 99 names of Allah Almighty tell us about the powers of the Creator. Allah is Al Kareem, Who has bestowed countless blessings on us. We need to think about The Generous Creator Allah in order to get closer to Him. The learning process never ends, as we will pay attention to all of the 99 names of Allah, we will explore more about Him.

Al Kareem – Blessing All The Time

Have you ever thought that there is a Creator, who is watching you all the time? Who is hearing you all the time? Who knows about your feelings? Who gives you and who forgives you? These all are important questions to consider. Allah Almighty is the most generous one. When you pray to Him, He surely hears you. Allah Almighty is the most beneficent. Recall any hard time of your life and think how He provided you ease and made you stronger.

If we start counting His blessings, we can never reach the end of that count. Even when a person commits sin and repents, Allah Almighty instead of punishing forgives him or her. He waits for the individuals to repent. He loves His creation seventy times more than a mother loves her child.

We even can’t imagine how Kareem He is.
“I will bring it to you before your glance returns to you.” And when [Solomon] saw it placed before him, he said, “This is from the favor of my Lord to test me whether I will be grateful or ungrateful. And whoever is grateful – his gratitude is only for [the benefit of] himself. And whoever is ungrateful – then indeed, my Lord (Allah) is Free of need and is Generous.”
(Surah Naml 27:40)

Start learning

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Al Wakeel – The Guardian – 99 Names of Allah

Al Wakeel The Guardian

Why we always feel so discontented from our life? We always tend to burden ourselves by worrying for different affairs of our life? Why we don’t have absolute faith in existence of Al Wakeel, The ultimate guardian who will protect us?
The answers to these questions are that we lack our belief in Allah as our Only Guardian. We always feel tensed whenever we go through some trouble. Whenever we are feeling sick and we try some treatment, but don’t recover from it. In exams, if we tried our best, but when the result comes it does not fulfill our expectations. While travelling, if we lost our train or a bus.


Believe Whole-Heartedly in Al Wakeel

All these everyday situations and many others bring disappointments in our hearts and lower our self-esteem. The main reason behind our disappointments is that we don’t believe that Allah keeps an eye on all our affairs; we don’t have absolute faith that He possesses the attributes discussed in the 99 Names of Allah. He is the only One who has the knowledge to guard His people from every situation.


Only Allah Deserves To Be Called Al Wakeel

Allah made sure by letting us know His attribute Al-Wakeel that we should do our best to get the work done. After that we should leave all our matters to Him because He is the only one who knows better and He is the Greatest, One of His Names is Al Wakeel ‘The Guardian’. We should know that He has something better for us in store even if our wishes do not get fulfilled.

Trust Allah As Al Wakeel

Allah, Al Wakeel, has no partner. He is The Only Guardian of all the things in the universe and beyond. Everything that exists in this universe and the hereafter is guarded by Allah, whether it is visible or invisible. Only Al Wakeel has the power and wisdom to control all things and guard them from all complexities.

“Allah is the Creator of everything, and He is a Wakeel over all things.”
Surah Zumar [39:62]

Learn All Names Of Allah

If you want to increase your faith in Allah, then you have to learn all the 99 Names of Allah, their meaning and also their importance in our lives. All the 99 Names of Allah along with their attributes are mentioned in detail on our website. So, don’t forget to visit our website and boost your belief in 99 Names of Allah in all aspects of life.

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