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Al-Aakhir – The Last – 99 Names of Allah

Al-Aakhir The Last

We all have been witnessing the passing of different stages of life. From being a child to youth, and from maturity to old age. People come and go, leaving behind their memories. Every living creature is going to be dead in the end. The question is from where they came and to where did they […]

Al-Mu’akh-khir – Who Delays Things Wisely – 99 Names of Allah

Al-Mu’akh-khir The One Who Delays Things Wisely

You might have gone through such situations in life, when you plan something and something else happened despite of your utmost desire. As a result of this, we become ungrateful, without knowing the fact that He is Al-Mu’akh-khir which means He is the one who delays things wisely. There is a good natural reason for […]

Al Mujeeb – The Ever Responding One – 99 Names of Allah

Al Mujeeb The Ever Responding One

Allah – The Ever Responding Have you ever thought that how your previous problem was resolved? Most of us rarely give it a thought. Because we are so much indulged in our busy lives. But if you recall the 99 Names of Allah Almighty, you will recall Al Mujeeb meaning “The Ever Responding One”. It […]

Al Baseer – The All Seeing – 99 Names of Allah

Al Baseer The All Seeing

Make Yourself Conscious About Al Baseer Everyone has a desire to live a good life with respect. Sometimes due to unwanted situations, we get distracted from what our religion has taught us. We assume that none is watching over us, so we stray from the right path secretly. As a result of doing a wrong […]

At-Taw-waab – The Acceptor of Repentance – 99 Names of Allah

At-Taw-waab The Acceptor Of Repentance

At-Taw-waab For Those Who Seek It We all commit countless mistakes and sins in our life. The difference is that some commit more while some commit less, and realize it. We all are imperfect in some way. Our religion Islam has given us the code of conduct to live this life. We must abide by […]

Al Wakeel – The Guardian – 99 Names of Allah

Al Wakeel The Guardian

Why we always feel so discontented from our life? We always tend to burden ourselves by worrying for different affairs of our life? Why we don’t have absolute faith in existence of Al Wakeel, The ultimate guardian who will protect us? The answers to these questions are that we lack our belief in Allah as […]

Ar Rahmaan – The All Merciful – 99 Names of Allah

Ar-Rahmaan The All Merciful

All Muslims have a strong belief that the Names of Allah have innumerable benefits. If you recite these names on a daily basis then you will be surely away from depression and frustration. 99 Names of Allah will also give you protection, good health and comfort. We should develop a habit of reciting the incredible […]

Al Khaaliq – The Creator – 99 Names of Allah

Al Khaaliq The Creator

The Need To Know Al Khaaliq As a child grows, the quest for existence and finding the Creator emerges in him/her. Moreover there comes many moments in life when one is compelled to think about The Creator. Science provides a reason for the existence of everything. Apart from human inventions, there are countless things beyond […]

An Naseer – The Ever Helping – 99 Names of Allah

Al Naseer The Ever Helping

Add Positivity In Life We come across many situations in our daily life when something reminds us of something else in our past. It is human nature to develop relative remembrance of activities taking place all the time around us. You should add something in your life which will lead you towards positivity. No matter […]