Idghaam (إِدﻏﺎم) Outside the rules of or Tanween, Idghaam can also occur in the Qur’an due to certain circumstances as will be mentioned now in this section Idghaam can be separated into 3 different categories:     Idghaam Mutamaathilain (Idghaamof 2 identical letters) This occurs when 2 same letters are found together, the first is […]

Lesson 51 Hamzah tul qat’a

Lesson 51 Hamza tul Qat’a As you can see, the hamza (ء) doesn’t always stand alone. For a more detailed tajweed explanation, click here. ئ  ؤ إ أ ء          


    Finishing Touches Supplication to begin reading At-ta’awwuth (ﺗَﻌَﻮّذ) You must always begin a recitation with the ta’awwuth ‘I seek refuge in Allah from the rejected shaitaan’ Allah () says in the Qur’an ‘So when you recite the Quran, seek refuge with Allah from the shaitaan, the outcast (cursed one)’ Surah An Nahl (16:98) […]

Lesson 3 Initial form

Initial Form The initial Form of each letter   ج ث ت  ب  ا    ﺟ ﺛ  ﺗ ﺑ ا ر ذ د خ ح ر ذ د ﺧ ﺣ ض ص ش س   ز ﺿ ﺻ ﺷ ﺳ ز ف غ ع ظ ط ﻓ ﻏ ﻋ ﻇ ﻃ ن م ل  ك ق ﻧ […]

Lesson 29 Extra vowel practice

Extra Vowel Practise Know your vowels apart تُو تِي تَا ءُواْ ءَىٰ ضُواْ ضُو ضِي بُو بِي يُو وِي نُواْ نَا هِي هَىٰ جُواْ جِي جَا لُو لِي لَىٰ غُواْ غَا ظِي ظُواْ ظَىٰ دُو دِي دَا شُواْ شِي شَا  

Lesson10 Extra vowel practice

Extra Vowel Practice Know your vowels apart   ثُ ثِ ثَ رُ رِ رَ بُ بِ بَ جُ جِ جَ ذُ ذِ ذَ ﻯُ ﻯِ ﻯَ خُ خِ خَ حُ حِ حَ صُ صِ صَ تُ تِ تَ سُ سِ سَ زُ زِ زَ غُ غِ غَ نُ نِ نَ ظُ ظِ ظَ شُ شِ […]

exercises definite article

Exercises for The Definite Article Identify the occurrences of The Definite Article in the following verses. Click on ‘Answer‘ under the table to view the correct answer   Verse Surah : Verse 1:1 – 1:7   CLICK TO VIEW ANSWER